Nieuwe versie van “Goeie Moppen”

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In februari 2011 komt er een nieuwe versie van “Goeie Moppen” uit!

A new version will be available in the first days of February ’2011.

It will be iOS compatible.

Two versions are ready to release:

  • A free, ad-supported version.
  • Paid, ad-free one, as requested by many users who don’t mind to pay 1/2 price of a soda-can. This way you get rid of ads and support us. Many thanks for that :-)

As we’ve got many inquiries about updates, we’ll try to release monthly updates of “Goeie Moppen”.

Goeie Moppen website:

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Check out the latest news about Goeie Moppen app on

Softgadgets goes Android!

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Hello everyone,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

After a long silence, we’re back :-)

While keeping iPhone developments going further, we wanted to try its mobile alter-ego: Android.

Three new apps to end 2010 with:

  • Good Jokes“: a selection of English language jokes.
  • Bonnes Blagues“: french version of the previous one and,
  • Goeie Moppen“: android version of our biggest hit on the iPhone.

Check them at the Android Market ( )

We have lots of ambition for 2011 and plan to bring many new apps on the iPhone and Android, other genres (games, reference, utilities…).

For that we’re working closely with “iLemon Apps” ( ).

Keep tuned!

Goeie Moppen 2 available

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“Goeie Moppen 2″ is available on the App Store!

It’s FREE, click here to get it now.

It contains a new, bigger, funnier and improved set of jokes, a bigger text area and a new feature “Shake to shuffle” (shake your device to see a new joke).

Goeie Moppen 2 submitted!

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We are pleased to announce that a new version of  “Goeie Moppen” is submitted today to the App Store.

It contains:

  • A new, bigger and better set of jokes. Guaranteed spelling faults-free ;-)
  • A new feature: “Shake to shuffle” presenting a random joke when you shake your iPhone, iPod or iPad…
  • A bigger text area, especially useful since the new jokes are often longer.
  • An improved email support.

The about screen contains a button allowing you to get an ads free version (as soon as it will be available on the App Store).

New, improved, version of Goeie Moppen

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Hi there,

We have got lots of feedback from our “Goeie Moppen” users, some very good, some less (maar rechtwaardig ;-))

A new version of the app will be available pretty soon, normally next week.

It will contain a new, bigger, set of jokes and, we hope, more entertaining than these included in the v1 version.

We think also to release an ad-less paid version.

Thanks for your constructive comments!

Softgadgets team.

PS: We’ll be pleased to include your best jokes too…

Goeie Moppen goes live!

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Since today Goeie Moppen app is live on App Store. ( To get it FREE click here.)

After “My Success” and “Car Salesman” this is our third app :-)

A new one will be posted this week and, this time it’s an utility app…